Finiko Sign Up

This tutorial will guide you through the sign up process. Start by clicking on the sign up button below. It will open in an new tab. Then come back to this page and follow the instructions step by step. 

Some users in Asia has reported that this page is blocked for them and in that case you should use a VPN with a connection from a European country.

After clicking the “Click here to sign up” button, you will come to the Sign up page.  You can change the language at the bottom left of the screen if the page loads in Russian.

Carefully enter your personal details and write down and save the details at a safe place.

After the registration process, you will be redirected to the control panel

To get started you have to complete your KYC (Know Your Customer). Start by clicking Settings in the menu to the left. 

An image will appear that says that The status of your documents has not yet been verified. Click on Verify

Fill in the form with your details from either your passport or driver’s license.

All fields has to be filled in. If there’s no data that fits the field, enter a dash.

A tip is to skip the Middle names and write all your names as it appears on your ID in the name field. In the field The passport series, we wrote a personal ID number.

You will receive a notification inside the system if the form is not completed to their satisfaction.

Next step is the photo ID

1. Attached a photo of your passport or ID card.

2. Attach a selfie with you holding your passport or ID card

It’s very important that all text is readable, so attach a high resolution photo. Also make sure that you don’t cover any text with a finger or your hair.

Once you have filled in the form and attached your two files, you click on Send. It says that your application will be reviewed within 72 hours, but it will be much faster if you’re doing this on a weekday. 

The next step is to agree to their terms. Click all checkboxes and then click I agree.

You will now see that your documents are being reviewed.

Check back after a while. Don’t worry if your application is rejected. They will write the reason why so that you can apply again. Use Google Translate if their reply is in Russian.

Once your application has been confirmed, it’s time to deposit.

In the menu, click on High-risk model and then Products.

In the Product name box you can write anything you want.

In the Category box you can choose any category

Specify the cost of the product: Here you enter twice the amount of your intended investment. If you want to invest 1,000 USD you type in 2,000.

Select a pricing plan: Choose 3 months, 50%


Select the office to which your want to attach your product: Just click on the I don’t know button

Then click Calculate 

Next you will see an overview. The sum of what you will receive in dollars in below the text The cost of the product. Below Contribution you will see how much you will have to pay including set up fee. The amount of tax is the amount which you will also make on top of the profit.

You will see what date the product will mature. That’s the day you get your money.

Click Next if everything looks OK. 

In case you don’t have sufficient funds already, you will have to deposit. Click on Refill

Enter the amount of USD you want to deposit.

Tick the boxes and click on the button. Note that there is a 3.5% fee as well.  


The next screen will show you how many Bitcoin to send and to what address. Make sure that you send the exact amount as shown on your screen.

When you have sent the funds, click on the bottom blue box with the tick mark 


Check your Wallet balance after a while by clicking on Wallet in the menu.

Once your funds has been received, you click on High-risk model – Products in the menu. Then click on the product you created earlier


The Pay button is now clickable, so click on Pay.

Confirm again by clicking on Yes.

That’s it! Your product is now active and all you have to do is wait until the date it has matured.

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