Mirror Trading Withdrawal

This tutorial will guide you through the withdrawal process.



First of all, log in to your Mirror Trading account

In the menu, click on Wallet Section and then Internal Fund Transfer.

To be able to withdraw, you must first transfer your funds from Trading Pool Balance to Income Wallet Balance. Below TYPE, choose Pool To Income Wallet in the drop down.

Either copy your Pool Account Balance or manually type in the amount your want to transfer and paste it in the AMOUNT IN BITCOIN field. Enter your login password and click Submit.

When that’s done, click on Wallet Withdrawal in the Wallet Section menu

Click on New wallet Request. Note that requests are processed Mondays to Fridays only.

Enter the AMOUNT you want to send and then enter your BITCOIN ADDRESS and then Submit

An email will be sent to you where you have to initiate the withdrawal process by clicking the link in the email. It will send you to the Dashboard where you have to confirm the withdrawal again. Check the video below for details information.

Mirror Trading

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